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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring update from the Eckstrom family

Well, it has been awhile, again.

Essa has moved out on her own and is loving it. I am getting over it slowly. She is still going to Fox Valley for Criminal Investigation, Child cases. She made the deans list, still working at Buffalo Wild Wings 3rd year, I couldn't be more proud. She is dating someone semi serious but hasn't let us meet him yet, she seems happy about him and he treats her very well. We will keep you updated as we become more aware of the situation ;) She had her 19th birthday in Feb.

Ryan's wrestling is over and he did really good. 3 losses and 12 wins. He now is training for track and field. He pulled a hamstring Friday so we are waiting to see if he can actually compete this year. He pulled it close to his growth plate which is a bad thing. If it heals wrong it can ruin his opportunity to play ANY sports in the future so we are being careful.

Fritz was in the school knowledge-o-thon raised $476 ( thanks you all for your donations and support) he got all 100 questions right, plus some extra the judge threw at him. He will be starting up golf again this spring for the 4th year and is back into piano. He loves awana and has moved up to the TNT group. He had his first pine wood derby and didn't win but made a cool car with dad. He will be turning 9 in May, so this summer he can go to bible camp for the first time. He can't wait.

Bella, what can I say about her, Fritz is her best friend, and she is his. They are so funny together. She just giggles all day, sings and laughs. She is a delight. She still is all about glitter, pink, frilly things, singing coloring,dresses, just everything. She loves preschool and just turned 5 last week. So kindergarten here we come! She will start the piano this year and will be in dance and swimming again. She also wants to play soccer so will see how to fit that into the schedule. It looks like I will be living in the car again this spring and summer.

Dan and I are doing very well, adjusting to living in the country. This winter we made our own Maple syrup from our trees and it turned out wonderful. We have just finished our chicken coop and our chickens will be here this week. We have a new dog, Dodge. He is a 4 month old Border Collie, we all just love him. ( Lucy was taken by the human society due to him biting our neighbor :( we miss her)Dan and I both had birthdyas in January we are both now really old :)

Feburary we had the annual Sneigfest in Gilman. Womens hairest leg contest, mens beard contest, frying pan toss, you get it yet? Polka dancing, yea it's a polish festival. We go every year, the kids love it and so do we, but don't tell anyone :)
Ryan and I took first place in the frying pan toss and Dan took second. Essa still holds first place for the age 15 girls division from 2006. They had ice bowling and sled rides on yellow river, it was a great time perfect weather. the kids loved to play on the swinging bridge and king of the hill. he money dig was a hit too ;)

I had a nice trip to Cabo with my sister in laws, it was very restful and beautiful. I have never been on a trip without children or husband so I was looking forward to this. We had a little kink in the plans on Saturday and Sunday we had tsunami warnings so we could not be out on the beach, but we made due with city sight seeing and shopping. I have just finished pruning our apple tree and pear tree and planted my indoor starters for my garden I can wait to get my hands in the dirt! Fresh salsa ohhh I can't wait.

Last week we had the pleasure to see our neice in the performance of Oklahoma, in Spooner. She played Aunt Elli and she was perfect for the part. She did so well, we really enjoyed it. Ethan did great on the drums too, he made the dramatic scenes so much better.

This past week we had the annual Easter weekend celebration at our home and I have to say it was by far the best we have ever had! Everyone (10 kids and 9 adults) came with exception of the Gormongs, but we all understand why and it is a very good reason, but we missed them terribly! My beautiful lamb dinner with all the trimmings from everyone just went so well together. The traditional bunny cake, hot cross buns and asparagus tart. Easter egg coloring, hiding of the eggs and finding them. Sunday service was just moving and the reminder of Gods great gift to us, Jesus suffering on the cross and rising from the grave to save us all. What a great thing to celebrate! The kids loved making resurrection cookies and cross necklaces for the Gormong kid, it was all just perfect!

We are looking forward to our two week family trip to Washington D.C. in august and Bella, Fritz and I will be coming to Utah right after school is out for at least a month.Ryan has wrestling camp, bible camp and will be entering sea cadets this summer so his visit will be shorter. Dan is going to come out this year too, yea! but only for a week he has work ;)

We miss everyone and love you all. We hope you are doing well and God is answering our prayers and watching over you.

Love, Dan and Magan